Madoka Urhausen is the proprietor of the Clear Mirror Guidance Center. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of California, and specializes in working with families and individuals in transition.

“Years of experience in working with diverse population in various mental health settings lead me to believe, no matter what illness or symptoms we deal with, we all want to belong and to be understood. I provide just such a space for you wherein you could safely explore the past or current issues that prevent you from moving forward. There may be some deep rooted beliefs about yourself or your loved ones that no longer serve your needs. I assist my clients to create that shift that can have an immeasurable effect.

I am a psychotherapist grounded in humanistic orientation informed by Developmental Psychology, Family System’s theory, and Adaptive Information Processing theory. I take collaborative approach with my clients to form working alliance and assist them to make informed decisions about their treatment. My specialties include working with innovative interactive modalities such as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Brainspotting, and Clinical Art Therapy to address issues that cannot easily be uncovered or treated through traditional talk therapy. I rely on each client’s internal resources and help you regain your confidence.

In addition to assisting my clients to make that “shift” I supervise student trainees in Graduate programs and post-graduate Master-level interns of Marriage and Family Therapy, Art Therapy and Social Work. My staff at the Center are highly qualified licensed eligible clinicians who look forward to working with you. I enjoy mentoring and co-creating the collaborations in the healing community as well as working side-by-side with my clients.”