At Clear Mirror Guidance Center, you will work with a psychotherapist who will guide you through your obstacles to discover your true potential.

We see people who are at various crossroads and different phases of life sometimes prompted by others or sometimes urged by that voice from within. When feeling stuck or stale mate struggling on your own with the challenges at hand, it is always helpful to have an empathic therapist to listen to your story and to assist you to move forward by exploring your dreams, desires and what makes you truly happy.

Changes can be difficult even if you feel that they are necessary or unavoidable. Changes can be stressful even as you seek them actively. We see people whose strategies in dealing with their stress and other issues somehow lose effectiveness. We hear from people who are confounded by unexpected traumatizing events. We appreciate these struggles and work with those who are scared but courageous in making some important decisions about their lives. We offer a safe environment in which you could explore and understand why you do as well better ways to handle your affairs that reflect your true wishes.

We believe in the power of self healing in which we tap into your strengths and resources. We respect your self determination and believe that each person is accountable for his or her own decisions that lead to success or otherwise, and assist you in expanding your capacity to grieve and ultimately rejoice for the next phase of your life. Together, as your privileged witness to your personal journey, we will celebrate the beauty you possess within and the transformational experience you may have with us. If you are ready to begin the journey to embrace your ever-wonderful life, please contact us. Start with the baby step of calling us. It will become your most important milestone to the extraordinary person you were meant to be.

To assist you to make the best of our services, we will need to get to know you well, or rather, for you to get to know yourself better. We will offer traditional talk-therapy as well as interactive modalities that will open you up to your inner resources and stimulate you from the core. Please read more on counseling services.

About Madoka Urhausen