Integrity is the key to living an authentic and happy life. At Clear Mirror Guidance Center, we work with people who present with frustration, sadness, dis-ease and despair on all realms of life including work, family, school, and other significant relationships. Here is some common ground that we stand as we go through the process of recovery and soul-retrieval.

Common challenges
While each person’s suffering is unique, there are some common challenges that impair and paralyze the person from moving forward. These include: fear and anxiety of school and work interactions, stress, panic attacks, decline in level of functioning such as short term memory losses and feeling concerned, performance issues, relationship problems, suffering from feeling guilty, shameful or unauthentic…not able to enjoy life…not able to appreciate what you have…disturbed by the things that you have no clue as to why you are upset…can identify what you are upset about but not knowing what to do about it…feeling stuck…lack of family support or betrayal of friends and family…lack of motivation and depressed feelings surrounding certain events or situations as well as “the blues” that you cannot seem to shake off…anger Problem that arise with certain people or situations as well as an intermittent fits of rage that occur that seem to be out of your control…substance abuse and dependence, as well as other forms of addiction, as a way of coping stress, etc.

Common experiences
A person that engages in psychotherapy then becomes someone in treatment in/outside of a therapy room and begins to have ownership of their healing process. If the therapy is to be effective at all, this level of commitment is required to make the most of the treatment. Depending on the modality of your choice, the duration of treatment and frequency in which you will see the therapist may vary. The recommendation and general guideline is to meet with the therapist at least 1x/week on a regular basis during the initial assessment phase to build a working alliance with the therapist. Most people find a once a week meeting extremely helpful for ongoing support and to keep the momentum going with your set goal, preventing a slip-up to the old way of thinking and behaving and continually reinforcing a more desirable way of being.

Common gains

  • uplifted mood
  • enhanced coping skills and life strategies
  • better perspective on life
  • reconciled past events
  • relieved of undue guilt and shame
  • cultivated self-compassion
  • gained spontaneity with elements of fun and creativity
  • better boundaries with others and time
  • clarity with your values and purpose in life
  • more joy and satisfaction in what you choose to do
  • increased follow-through and less emotional activation around what you have to do
  • restored faith in the process
  • better relationships with self and others
  • greater confidence in how the Universe supports you
  • clear vision and commitment to pursue one’s happiness
  • …and the list goes on.